Forex Trading Courses
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Professional FX Course

This course is designed for the beginners to have hands on experience and explore the Forex market and trade currencies & Commodities with confidence.

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Advanced FX Course

This course is designed for the Traders & Fund Managers who manage client funds and looking for consistent profits and business growth.

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Ultimate FX Course

This course is designed to expertise in Technical, Fundamental, Psychological and Robotic trading skills as well as Brokerage business setup.


Our FM Services

This is a talent hunt of Successful Traders who have been Managing individual and Institutional portfolios. On request of the investors we can assign the best traders to match your investment objectives.

dream to become rich

Trust & Transparency is our priority that makes our investors have great confidence in our services.

Great Trading Platforms

we deal with the best credible & legal trading platforms & Successful Fund Managers. which brings great confidence in our services.

Investment Plans
Investor expected to get 5% PM. Client Investment Min 5K usd
The profit sharing 50:50 between Investor and the fund manager
High Frequency Trading (HFT)
High Frequency Trading (HFT)
This is High Return & High Risk Trading practiced by sophisticated Robots profits expected up to 500 times.

Trading Softwares

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Trending Robot

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Hedging Robot

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News Trading Robot

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Scalping Robot

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Pyramid Robot

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H.F.T. Robot

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FX Made Signals


Course participants and their opinions about our Trading & Training Programs.

Dear Sir, I've attended your course. I find it is absolutely magic, I've gone through the course and started with my trading, made $1000.00 in my first 3 weeks.... Thank you for your course material and the professional way in which it is presented. For the first time in my life I have right tools and skills and with the right backing structure in your mentor program to establish my financial freedom through using your system and hard work. You have already changed my life and I am sure it will still change in the future. Thanks you once again for this wonderful training.

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Nawaz Mohammed

Fund Manager

Hi, Everbody, Myself Nizar, Forex Fund Manager, I would like to express my gratitude to Nanoforexcorp, whose training and strategy greatly helped me to become a successful Fund manager in Forex and commodities. I recommend everyone to take training and be successful in you like Good wishes Nizar

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I would like to express my strong gratitude to the Nano Forex Corp for the amazing training they provide and the way they mold each and every individual. If you would like to see yourself as a perfect Forex trader, this is the place to be. As we know, the world revolves around money..and the present market is full of tradings...this place is the best mind sharper. For those who really want to get into this hot market with a perfect stepping stones towards success, this is the right Corp. After joining Nano Forex corp, i feel like i have achieved whatever i dream of. Thank you very much for the wonderful training sir

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Fiaz Mohammed

FX Trader

Dear Sir, I would like to personally thank you for all that you provide. I have been a student for a couple months and I am currently trading successfully in a demo account 'soon to go live'. I have also been studying, practicing the strategies that are discussed to determine what works best for me personally based on my tolerance level. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of coaching and attention that you provide your students. Thank u very much for Dr. Khaja and Nano Forex Crop for this amazing course and I strongly recommend Nano Forex crop as the best forex training institute in Hyderabad. Thank you. --- Regards,

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Veda Kumari


Good Morning Sir, I am sending my testimonial for the nano forex. "I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am after finding your course. I have been trading the Forex market for almost year. After foolishly spending thousands of dollars in my first year trying to learn how to trade currencies. I found your course, and now my trading has improved tenfold since attending your course. Nano Forex has changed my trading from consistently losing to consistently winning in a short period of time... Your program is an exceptional value and learning experience. Please keep up the good work. I can confidently say that "Nano Forex is the one and only destination for the Forex aspirant in Hyderabad"".

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Rama Krishna Palleboina


I started forex trading with zero knowledge but then Khaja sir and Nano forex team gave me the opportunity to learn techniques to start career into it and spearhead our growth with applicable takeaways. I gained a lot of value and insights form the core motives model and the principles taught in the Workshop.
I would say Great workshop! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner. I would highly recommend the this training to anyone that is interested in improving their relationships and in growing their business opportunities. It is the best course for Learn & Earn.. regards

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Ajay Kumar

iSO Developer

I was one of the students in the Nano forex corp and today I am recognized as successful fund manager. I personally want to thank Dr. Khaja Sir for the profound impact your teaching had on me, first let me say that you have revolutionized my trading...most importantly me. I am no longer afraid to take the trade. I know I can fix whatever comes at me or at least break even. This has been my biggest issue in trading. Since your class I have been trading fear free and enjoying it.

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Jagadiswara R. T.

Fund Manager

I have joined the course in 25th August 2009, forex was very new here, almost I have studied for 75 days to understand market, really I have achieved very good strategies mainly technical analysis, fundamental news analysis, risk management and currency correlation, conducted lot of research work to find best strategies and overall it was very good experience. Today I am trading successfully for my clients. I recommend any one to join this course is the best choice.
Mohammed Bilal Ali

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Mohammed Bilal Ali

Forex Fund Manager


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Trading Strategies

Every Successful trading must have a robust trading strategy. It is based on Market hours, indicators, News analysis, Risk management and combination of many more factors.

Simple Strategy
Coming Soon
Martingle Strategy
Coming Soon
Complex Strategy
Coming shortly
News Trading
Coming Soon
Hedging Strategy
Coming Soon
Market Time Methods
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Trading Forex is a great challenging career, it needs constant learning aspiration. we will provide professional advise from Training, Fund Management, Auto-trading optimization, Strategy evaluation, trading signals and establishing Forex business and management.

01. How do your courses help us ?

  • Our courses are well designed for all learners, whether you are beginner or struggling trader. 
  • Course consists best curriculum, objective based topics, in depth technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis, practical examples, relevant back test optimized strategies,  every topic contains of assignments and self evaluation  tests.

  • Apart from this,  life time support in trading.

02. what is your fund management process?

This is a talent hunt of Successful Traders who have been Managing
individual and Institutional portfolios. On request of the investors we
can assign the best traders to match your investment objectives.
The client needs to open in well regulated bank/broker, then sign an LPOA and fund your account to start trading.

03. How do your investment programs benefit us?

  • our investment programs have Three option
  1. Fixed Monthly returns
  2. Variable returns
  3.  High Frequency Trading(HFT)
  • Every specific programs has its own risk tolerance and fund safety

04. How do your services help for partners?

  • we have been in business since 2008,  we  share profits and assist our partners to promote our business for mutual benefit. 
  • you will  have good share  of profit in all our products such as Training, Fund Management, Investment portfolio, software sales, setting up Forex brokerage and other services.

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